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Cyber Hygiene At Home

According to the Identity theft research center, in 2020 itself by June 163 million users are affected. Users while at home can keep cyber hygiene and keep their own data and accounts safe. Here are some useful tips. We have to do these for our own sake, the slogan, YOU OWN IT, YOU SECURE IT, also applies to home, personal accounts.

At Home

  • Always apply OS and application updates, on home devices, and reboot them periodically. Don’t ignore the updates. They are there to protect you.
  • Scan all your paper documents store, Secure, and files in the Cloud, maintainability backup maintains Backups, Shred paper, rather than don’t throwing them in the garbage. Use Rainbow Secure Data & Document Vault.
  • Always create strong passwords, and don’t reuse them.it.
  • Change your password if you had to access your account from public Wi-Fi or untrusted locations or did it by mistake. Try not to use unprotected Wi-Fi, you Carry can carry mobile hotspots with you for continued access, instead of using unprotected Wi-Fi For continued access.
  • Use password vaults like rSecureNote, which uses Rainbow Password technology with colors and & styles, ensuring strong credentials and giving anti-fraud protection to your keys to the digital world. Ask for Rainbow password & passwordless login options with your bank, financial, healthcare, and insurance service providers.
  • Set up multi-factor was available for access to important accounts and services like your bank and, brokerage, etc.
  • Assess what is installed on your phone and computers and remove old unnecessary apps.
  • Clear your cache and cookies periodically.
  • Keep your devices protected with anti-virus software and also run a full scan periodically.
  • Always make sure to visit the bank, finance, insurance institution website, data privacy settings page, and opt-out of data sharing. If possible ask your banker, financial advisor to do the same while your account is being set up so that you don’t have to the hassle later.
  • Finally, before you discard personal phone or laptops, wipe clean its data storage with professional software.

Most of the institutions share your data by default. You might have noticed that as soon as you open a new account, get a loan or new insurance, you get lots of offers in the mail. You can protect yourself with some precautions. In the first few weeks itself, all of your vital data is being shared all around.

Nehal Mehta

I am co-founder of Rainbow secure. I am a mathematician, a statistician, an astute software engineer, security researcher & entrepreneur. https://www.linkedin.com/in/nehal-mehta-rainbowsecure/


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