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Cyber Hygiene At Work

Hygiene is a very important part of our lives. It helps us keep healthy, running, and feel enriched. The same is with our digital lives at work and at home. Cyber Security Month gives us an opportunity to revisit what we do and reinforce our good habits and adjust what is needed with changing times. Here are some tips from us that will keep you and your business safe from cyber risks and liabilities.

At Work

  • Evaluate & apply OS updates, application updates, Zero-day fixes.
  • Keep your user and server devices protected with anti-virus, end-point protection software.
  • Audit, evaluate, and adjust User, Admin Accounts, application permissions.
  • Scan paper with customer PII, payment data, Store, Secure in Cloud, Maintain Backups, Shred paper, don’t throw in the garbage.
  • Set up and apply Password policies, adopt new tools like Rainbow Password that ensure strong credentials, and give anti-fraud protection.
  • Adopt, set up modern multi-factor solutions for sensitive documents, data access, critical business workflow actions that work on all major platforms and have no device dependency.
  • Coordinate employee departure, transfers with logical and physical access. Set up Enterprise Access Control Gateway with Rainbow Secure Platform.
  • Monitor applications installed on user devices, servers, websites in data centers for its access, resource utilization, remove ones that are not needed.
  • Migrate apps that are needed to newer versions before it goes out of support, migration may give more features, improve security.
  • Audit, evaluate your firewall exceptions, domain whitelists, to not become of a false sense of security.
  • Service accounts, FTP accounts, maintain them in secure Enterprise Password Vault like rSecureNote. There are new windows Active Directory features that help you manage service accounts in a better way. Contact our support for more details and set up a service appointment.

Nehal Mehta

I am co-founder of Rainbow secure. I am a mathematician, a statistician, an astute software engineer, security researcher & entrepreneur. https://www.linkedin.com/in/nehal-mehta-rainbowsecure/


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